The Black Crusade – Continuum 3 Anti-launch

Richard Harland's award-winning The Black Crusade, published by Chimaera Publications, will be anti-launched by Jack Dann at Continuum 3: the Speculative Fiction and Pop Culture Convention on Friday evening 15 July, 8.00pm, at the Hilton on the Park Hotel and Convention Centre, 198 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne.

The Anti-Launch will be followed by the Friday Night Get to Know Everyone Social Event (AKA The Cocktail Party) which is the best way to meet people at the convention.

The Guests of Honour for Continuum 3 will be Neil Gaiman, Poppy Z Brite, Robin Hobb and Richard Harland.  For more details see

Richard Harland scoops the pool

Richard Harland experienced outstanding success in the Aurealis Awards announced earlier this year. He won the 2004 Fantasy Short Story Aurealis Award for "Catabolic Magic" (published in Aurealis #32), a joint award shared with Louise Katz for "Weavers of the Twilight". His novel, "The Black Crusade", also won the Horror Novel category, and was awarded the inaugural Golden Aurealis Award for Best Novel in any of the categories.

"The Black Crusade" is published by Chimaera Publications, and can be ordered from this website.