Aurealis #32


  • Paul Haines
  • Stephen Dedman
  • Tansy Rainer Roberts
  • Richard Harland

and much more!

Cover art by Kerri Valkova

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  • Editorial: Decisions, decisions, decisions – Keith Stevenson
  • The Gift of Hindsight – Paul Haines
  • Line of Defence – Stephen Dedman
  • Dog Years – Sue Isle
  • Garments of the Dead – Tansy Rayner Roberts
  • Catabolic Magic – Richard Harland
  • The Lamb – Brendan Duffy
  • The Ikin Interviews: Stephanie Smith and Selwa Anthony – Van Ikin
  • Why is the most popular Australian SF not published in Australia? – Edwina Harvey
  • Digital Dreams – Anthony Fordham
  • Reviews and News – Bill Congreve
  • Xtreme Science: 2 Big, 2 Smart, 2 Old… 2 Morrow – P L O'Neill
  • Market Report – James Cain
  • Making War – Jeremy Davies
  • A conversation with Lynn Flewelling – Bill Congreve
  • Envision 2003 – Heather Gent
  • Conduit
  • Cover illustration – Kerri Valkova

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Editorial by Keith Stevenson

The following is based on a presentation to the EnVision Writer’s Workshop in Brisbane, July 2003.

So dar, I’ve selected fiction for four issues of Aurealis. All of it (hopefully) good. When I was asked to EnVision to talk about what an editor looks for in a short story, it made me critically re-evaluate the fiction I had chosen for Aurealis issues #29 to #31. Every one of those stories had – for me – something special, and as I looked at them again, I began to see some common themes arising.