Aurealis #36


  • Lee Battersby
  • Robert Hood
  • Kim Westwood
  • Tansy Rainer Roberts

and much more!

Cover art by Shane Parker.

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  • Father Muerte and the Flesh – Lee Battersby
  • Empties – Jay Caselberg
  • Slow and Ache – Trent Jamieson
  • In the Service of the Flesh – Robert Hood
  • Derek Godley's Penultimate World – Andrew Macrae
  • Playback – E.Robert Dobson
  • Terning tha Wheel – Kim Westwood
  • Fruit and Mirrors – Tansy Rayner Roberts


New magazines and new editorial teams often spend a lot of time (and a lot of words) fleshing out their editorial policy – discussing the sorts of stories they want to publish and aleady planning the legacy they’ll leave behind when they go.

If you want to know our editorial policy, it’s pretty simple – it’s about the stories.

Magazines should exist  to serve good stories. Magazines should exist as the vehicle that brings those stories to a wider audience. It seems like a pretty simple equation, and it’s one we’re committed to following. Aurealis is Australia’s longest running genre magazine. It has a proud tradition of nurturing new authors, showcasing local talent, increasing the genre’s profile and of bringing good stories to the reading community.

We’re proud to be taking over the reins of Aurealis and we hope we can build on the good work done by Dirk Strasser, Stephen Higgins and Keith Stevenson. We’re also  proud that this is a short editorial. Trust us, we’ll have more to say in the future. But we’ve made our editorial policy clear, it’s time for you to keep your end of the bargain.

It’s about the stories.

Go read them.

Ben Payne & Robert Hoge