Zenith: The First Book of Ascension (Signed)

by Dirk Strasser


ISBN: 9780330273930
Format: Paperback


a mountain so great it takes a year to travel from the base to its summit

a sun so powerful it drives you into madness if you look at it

an ascent so vital it determines the fate of the world

a summit so precious it holds the key to the divine

The world of the great Mountain is unstable. Giant pillars erupt from the surface and yawning chasms form unpredictably underfoot. Since the Maelir first stood on its slopes in the distant past, they have sought to still its anger and control its power. Each year, twin brothers are chosen to make a perilous journey to the summit. If they survive they will be witness to Zenith, and the secrets and power will be revealed to them.

Atreu and his brother Teyth have been chosen to ascend, but this time unknown forces who have long craved the power of Zenith will stop at nothing to make it their own… even if it means destroying the very thing that sustains all life – the Mountain itself.

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He looked up. Something with massive flat wings hovered just above his head. It was dark against the dark sky. Its claws reached out for him and Atreu covered his eyes. There was a sound of footfalls behind him.

‘Come on!’ The call was urgent.

Atreu uncovered his eyes to look at the thing above him. The snow swirled and eddied around it. There were no claws; they were arms reaching out for him, imploring him to grab hold.

The footsteps were almost upon him when he lunged at the arms and held tight. He felt an immediate rush of air as he was lifted upwards. A windrider! He tried to look up at the man who was holding him. His jaw was grimly set in place, and he was looking past Atreu’s head at the ground below.

Just then an arrow whistled through the air.