Discounted advance screenings of new dark fantasy film

Unlocked from the imagination of one of the world's most original directors, Guillermo Del Toro (Blade II, Hellboy), "Pan's Labyrinth" is a gothic story that journeys between reality and a magical underground realm both beautiful and dazzling. Harnessing classic folklore and historic themes against the backdrop of the bloody times during 1940's fascist Spain, "Pan's Labyrinth" is a timeless tale of good and evil, bravery and sacrifice, love and loss.

If you love dark fantasy then come along to a discounted advanced screening of Pan's Labrynith on Monday 18 December 6.30pm at Kino Dendy Cinemas, 45 Collins St Melbourne, at $12 per ticket, or call (03)9650 2100.

For further information on Pan's Labryinth or to view the trailer please visit