Ian Irvine's latest book trailer

Ian Irvine's latest and probably last (and definitely the best) book trailer,
for his three ecothrillers has been posted on youtube.

If anyone's wondering what it takes to put together a decent trailer, here's
the inventory:

  • Picture research, approx 24 hours. They're all public domain images, ie free for any use. To buy from photo libraries would be at least $1500.
  • Music research, about 6 hours in royalty-free music sites. Limited licence cost about $50.
  • Font research, 2 hrs. Fonts, $20.
  • Writing the script: about 15 hours getting the words right, and considering there's only a few hundred of them, that's a lot of work per word, but worth every penny.
  • Misc time viewing prelims, troubleshooting etc, at least 6 hours.
  • Ian's son putting it together in Premiere: 10.5 hours.

Is it worth it as a book promo investment? Good question. Ian'll let you know in due course.