Orbit Australia open to submissions

Bernadette Foley, Publisher, Orbit Australia is reading submissions for the new Australian SF imprint and remarked, "My colleague Deonie Fiford and I are reading the submissions. We would prefer full manuscripts rather than sample chapters and an outline. And we would also like the author to include some information about themselves."

Ms Foley told Aurealis, "The three most important points are:

  1. People need to be patient. We will read everything we receive but it will take time.
  2. If submissions are to be returned we need correctly stamped self-addressed envelopes.
  3. And, we would prefer hardcopies rather than emails as they are easier to keep track of."

Send manuscripts to:
Bernadette Foley, Orbit Australia, Hachette Livre, Level 17, 207 Kent Street, Sydney 2000