Launch of the new monthly Aurealis

Chimaera Publications has decided that a publication devoted to fantasy and science fiction should be at the forefront of change and that digital publication is the future.  We believe that Aurealis will gain a much wider readership and will ultimately be able to pay contributors more with the launch of the new Aurealis.  So, from October 2011 we will exploring some new worlds:

1. Aurealis will become a monthly epublication with downloads available in all e-reading formats: iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and phones, Kindles, Kobo readers, pdfs for PCs etc.  It will appear every month except December and January, which means 10 issues a year.

2. This Aurealis epublication will effectively be a merger between Aurealis print magazine and AurealisXpress.  Each monthly issue will consist of 2 stories, (+ possibly 1 article), plus reviews and news as per AurealisXpress.  In the short term AurealisXpress will continue to run in parallel with Aurealis epublication.

3. In addition to this we will also publish a series of Aurealis print anthologies which will feature the best of the Aurealis epublication stories.

4. Current Aurealis subscribers will receive at least the number of stories owed to them, and long term subscribers will also receive copies of the anthologies.

5. Our aim is for Aurealis to gain professional status with the SFWA within two years (which means payment rates of at least 5 cents a word).

Download Aurealis #45 for free from from (or go to and search for "Aurealis").  Aurealis will also be available from other online retailers such the iBooks store shortly. Aurealis #46 will be available in November 2011.  Aurealis #47 in February 2012 and Aurealis #48 in March 2012.