New small press science fiction journal

Sci Phi, edited by Jason Reddie of The Sci Phi Show,  is a new journal aimed at readers who like science fiction but want to think about its implications a little more.  Each issue contains short stories and articles which look at various philosophical ideas through the lens of science fiction.

Issue #1 contains stories and articles by Matt Wallace, Paul S. Jenkins, Lee Battersby, Jason Pomerantz, Geoffrey Maloney, Michael Spence, Stephen Dedman, Ben Goertzel and Stephan Vladimir Bugaj, Ryan Nichols, and Jason Rennie.

The Sci Phi Journal comes in various  formats, including an audio book (mp3 format) for your listening pleasure.  All stories and articles are professionally read.
One of the highlights of the first issue is  an article which explores the concept of "Lookism" prejudice based on the ideas in  the Ted Chiang story, "Liking What You See: A Documentary."
Cost is $7 per issue, available from