Write in your face

An initiative of the literature board supporting emerging forms of writing practice by young writers. Write in Your Face is a program of support to young writers, funded under the Australian Government's Young and Emerging Artists' Initiative. We invite proposals from young writers who are using language in innovative ways. This may involve writing for zines, e-zines, comics, multimedia, multi-artforms or cross-media works, websites, live performance and spoken word.

Selection criteria are:

  • Innovative excellence
  • Potential to advance the artistic expression and development of young writers
  • Evidence the project is well planned and achievable within timeframe and budget.

You may apply for up to $8,000. You must be aged 30 years or under at the time of application to apply. You cannot apply for costs of equipment or other creative components such as music or graphics alone. Proposals must have a literary focus. Collaborative and multimedia projects are encouraged. Proposals involving self-publication of single author titles are not eligible.

Individuals, groups or legally constituted organisations may apply. Groups must nominate a legally constituted organisation or one of their members to act as the administrator for their grant. If you have received money through a previous Write in Your Face grant, you cannot reapply any sooner than one year after the end of your previous grant period.

Closing date: 1 February 2008. Projects for which funding is requested should not commence before 1 June 2008 and must be completed by 30 June 2009. Decisions advised: May 2008.