Aurealis #38/39


  • Cat Sparks
  • Dirk Strasser
  • Richard Harland
  • Stephen Dedman
  • Greg Guerin
  • and much more!

    Cover illustration by Adam Duncan

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    • Between the Memories by Matthew Chrulew
    • Aisle 17 by Darren Goosens
    • Omphalie's Songs by Tony Plank
    • Primal by Dirk Strasser
    • Champagne and Ice by Cat Sparks
    • Reality is Stranger than Fiction by Candy Bloom
    • The Scent of Milk by Tansy Rayner Roberts
    • What Goes Around by Stephen Dedman
    • Monochrome Red by Greg Guerin
    • Razing by K A Mora
    • The Time of the Anaxas Empire by Richard Harland
    • Water Runs Uphill by Leigh Blackmore
    • Insecta in Camera by Geoff Maloney
    • Dogs by Joanne Anderton
    • Horse of Souls by Jarrah Moore.