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Haven’t read Conquist yet?

What if an army of Spanish conquistadors, the most brutally effective conquerors in history, found their way into a truly new world beyond the New World of the Americas? Conquist tells the story of Captain Cristóbal de Varga whose drive for glory and power leads him to a place from which he can’t escape and a people he can’t conquer. Caught in a war between two eternal enemies that seem at first to be angels and demons, he must choose sides. When he loses everything he holds dear – his command, his Incan princess, his honor, his God – he needs to find a path to redemption by conquering his obsessions.

This time they’ve found a New World that refuses to be conquered.

  • Finalist, Creative World Awards (2020)
  • Finalist, Script Summit (2020)
  • Semifinalist Screencraft Horror Competition (2020)
  • Finalist Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival (2019)
  • Finalist Byron Bay Film Festival (2018)

The only way to read Conquist right now is to take out a 2020 Aurealis subscription by 30 November 2020.

You have the proof right in your hands, this man can write!… Strasser is a master… enjoy and behold what the fuss is all about.”

– Jack Dann, Nebula and World Fantasy Award-winning author and editor

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Overlooked, Underrated, Forgotten 7

The past is a foreign country, all right, but it’s chock full of great SF&F titles to get us through Corona Days. Here are the latest offerings from the Aurealis Editors, complete with our pithy teasers.

  • Overlooked: Darkfall by Isobelle Carmody (1997). Immersive, transfixing, interwoven.
  • Underrated: The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch by Philip K. Dick (1965). Unsettling, bleak, hallucinatory.
  • Forgotten: Out of the Silence by Erle Cox (1925). Ground-breaking, best-selling, Australian.
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Overlooked, Underrated, Forgotten 6

What better time to read? And, as such, Aurealis is continuing our deep dive into the SF/Fantasy of the past, those books that have been sitting at the back of bookshelves for ages awaiting a re-read. Why not these give a try?

  • Overlooked: The Prestige by Christopher Priest, 1995 . Imaginative, intelligent, gripping .
  • Underrated: Star Gate by Andre Norton, 1958. Engaging, robust, brisk.
  • Forgotten: The Devil’s Elixirs by E T A Hoffmann, 1815 in German, 2009 Oneworld Classics English translation. Macabre, disorienting, labyrinthine.