Ditmar awards 2007

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees for the 2007 Ditmar Awards.

The presentation of the Ditmar Awards, for work published in the previous calendar year (2006), was held Saturday 9th June, at Convergence 2, the 46th National SF Convention.


  • Carnies. Martin Livings, Lothian
  • Prismatic. Edwina Grey, Lothian
  • The Mother. Brett McBean, Lothian
  • The Pilo Family Circus. Will Elliot, ABC Books (W)
  • The Silver Road. Grace Dugan, Penguin


  • Aftermath. David Conyers, Agog! Ripping Reads, Agog! Press
  • The Dead of Winter. Stephen Dedman, Weird Tales, #339
  • The Devil in Mr Pussy (Or how I found God inside my wife). Paul Haines, C0ck, Couer de Lion Publishing (W)
  • The Souls of Dead Soldiers are for Blackbirds, Not Little Boys. Ben Peek, Agog! Ripping Reads, Agog! Press
  • Under the Red Sun. Ben Peek, Fantasy Magazine #4, Prime Books
  • World’s Whackiest Upper Atmosphere Re-Entry Disasters Dating Game. Brendan Duffy, Agog! Ripping Reads, Agog! Press
  • (Fifth place nomination a tie)

Short Story

  • Burning from the Inside. Paul Haines, Doorways for the Dispossessed, Prime Books
  • Cold. Kirstyn McDermott, Shadowed Realms #9
  • Honeymoon. Adam Browne and John Dixon, C0ck, Couer de Lion Publishing
  • Surrender 1: Rope Artist. Deborah Biancotti, Shadowed Realms #9
  • The Bat's Boudoir. Kyla Ward, Shadowed Realms #9
  • The Fear of White. Rjurik Davidson, Borderlands #7 (W)
  • (Fifth place nomination a tie)

Collected Work

  • Agog! Ripping Reads edited by Cat Sparks. Agog! Press
  • C0ck edited by Keith Stevenson & Andrew Macrae
  • Doorways for the Dispossessed edited by Paul Haines and Geoffrey Maloney, Prime Books
  • The Year’s Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy Vol.2 edited by Bill Congreve & Michelle Marquardt, Mirrordanse Books (W)
  • Eidolon I edited by Jonathan Strahan and Jeremy Byrne, Eidolon Books


  • 26Lies/1Truth, cover art by Andrew MacRae, Wheatland Press (W)
  • Agog! Ripping Reads, cover art by Cat Sparks, Agog! Press
  • Daughters of Earth: Feminist Science Fiction in the Twentieth Century cover art by Cat Sparks, Wesleyan University Press
  • The Devoured Earth, cover art by Greg Bridges, HarperCollins Press
  • The Arrival, cover art by Shaun Tan, Lothian

Fan Writer

  • Stephanie Gunn
  • Shane Jiraiya Cummings
  • Danny Oz (W)
  • Miranda Siemienowicz
  • Mark Smith-Briggs
  • Matthew Tait
  • (Fifth place nomination a tie)

Fan Artist

  • Christopher Johnstone
  • Jon Swabey (W)

Fan Production

  • ASif website, Alisa Krasnostein – Executive Editor (W)
  • Inkspillers website, Tony Plank
  • Outland, Directed by John Richards
  • Tabula Rasa website, David Carroll
  • The Bullsheet website & ezine, Edwina Harvey & Ted Scribner


  • AntipodeanSF, editor Ion Newcombe
  • ASIF – Australian Specfic in Focus, editor Alisa Krasnostein
  • The Captain's Log, Austrek clubzine. Edited by Clare McDonald
  • Ethel the Aardvark, MSFC clubzine
  • HorrorScope, editor Shane Jiraiya Cummings (W)

Professional Achievement

  • Angelia Challis for establishing Brimstone Press as a mass market publisher
  • Bill Congreve for Mirrordanse Press and 2 issues of the Australian Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy (W)
  • Russell B Farr for Ticonderoga Publications
  • Gary Kemble for work on ABC’s Articulate and promoting the genre through radio and other mediums
  • Alisa Krasnostein for providing new paying markets for readers and writers of both fiction/ non fiction, art as well as forums for reviews/interviews within the speculative fiction genre, enhancing the profile of Australian speculative fiction.
  • Justine Larbalestier, for editing Daughters of Earth: Feminist Science Fiction in the Twentieth Century

Fan Achievement

  • Marty Young for his work establishing and promoting the Australian Horror Writers Association
  • Alisa Krasnostein for establishing ASIf (W)
  • Tony Plank for establishing and maintaining the Inkspillers website

New Talent

  • Stephanie Campisi
  • David Conyers
  • Shane Jiraiya Cummings
  • Alisa Krasnostein (W)
  • Brett McBean

The William Atheling Jr Award

  • Miranda Siemienowicz for her review of Paraspheres appearing in Horrorscope
  • Justine Larbalestier for Daughters of Earth: Feminist Science Fiction in the Twentieth Century (W)
  • Robert Hood for Man and Super-Monster: A History of Daikaiju Eiga and its Metaphorical Undercurrents. Borderlands #7
  • Grant Watson for Bad Film Diaries – Sink or Swim: The Truth Behind Waterworld. Borderlands #8
  • Kathryn Linge for her review Through Soft Air, ASif