2007 Aurealis Awards winners

Chimaera Publications and Aurealis magazine would like to congratulate all the shortlisted writers and winners of the 2007 Aurealis Awards. The field was of a particularly high standard this year, indicative of the increasing quality of Australian speculative fiction.

Fantastic Queensland should be congratulated for the quality of the Awards weekend and the friendliness with which everyone is welcomed. Thank you Ron, Kate and Damon for your hard work and calmness amidst the action.
best science fiction novel
David Kowalski, The Company of the Dead, Pan Macmillan
best science fiction short story
Cat Sparks, ‘Hollywood Roadkill’, On Spec, #69
best fantasy novel
Lian Hearn, Heaven’s Net is Wide, Tales of the Otori The First Book, Hachette Livre
best fantasy short story
Garth Nix, ‘Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz go to War Again’, Jim Baen’s Universe, April 2007
best horror novel
Susan Parisi, Blood of Dreams, Penguin Group (Australia)
best horror short story
Anna Tambour, ‘The Jeweller of Second-Hand Roe’, Subterranean, #7
best young adult novel
Anthony Eaton, Skyfall, UQP
best young adult short story
Deborah Biancotti, ‘A Scar for Leida’, Fantastic Wonder Stories, Ticonderoga Publications
best children’s (8-12 years) long fiction
Kate Forsyth, The Silver Horse, The Chain of Charms 2, Pan Macmillan
Kate Forsyth, The Herb of Grace, The Chain of Charms 3, Pan Macmillan
Kate Forsyth, The Cat’s Eye Shell, The Chain of Charms 4, Pan Macmillan
Kate Forsyth, The Lightning Bolt, The Chain of Charms 5, Pan Macmillan
Kate Forsyth, The Butterfly in Amber, The Chain of Charms 6, Pan Macmillan
best children’s (8-12 years) short fiction (tied)
Marc McBride, World of Monsters, Scholastic Australia
Briony Stewart, Kumiko and the Dragon, UQP
Peter McNamara Convenors' Award for Excellence
Terry Dowling, Rynemonn, Coeur de Lion Publications
Terry Dowling has long been a respected writer of science fiction and supporter of the speculative fiction community. In 2007 his book Rynemonn was released. This work is theculmination of the exceptional Tom Rynosseros stories that Dowling haspublished over more than a decade.
His work fits comfortably next to genre fiction writers such as Ray Bradbury or Ursula K. LeGuin. His literary skill and richness of storytelling equally bring to mind comparisons with writers such as Isak Dinesen and Thornton Wilder.
Therefore, the convening judges of the Aurealis Awards 2007 have awarded the Peter McNamara Convenors' Award for Excellence to Terry Dowling for Rynemonn, his magnum opus of the Tom Rynosseros/Tom Tyson saga.
Novel: David Kowalski, The Company of the Dead, Pan Macmillan
Short Story: Cat Sparks, ‘Hollywood Roadkill’, On Spec, #69


New small press science fiction journal

Sci Phi, edited by Jason Reddie of The Sci Phi Show,  is a new journal aimed at readers who like science fiction but want to think about its implications a little more.  Each issue contains short stories and articles which look at various philosophical ideas through the lens of science fiction.

Issue #1 contains stories and articles by Matt Wallace, Paul S. Jenkins, Lee Battersby, Jason Pomerantz, Geoffrey Maloney, Michael Spence, Stephen Dedman, Ben Goertzel and Stephan Vladimir Bugaj, Ryan Nichols, and Jason Rennie.

The Sci Phi Journal comes in various  formats, including an audio book (mp3 format) for your listening pleasure.  All stories and articles are professionally read.
One of the highlights of the first issue is  an article which explores the concept of "Lookism" prejudice based on the ideas in  the Ted Chiang story, "Liking What You See: A Documentary."
Cost is $7 per issue, available from http://sciphijournal.com/


Write in your face

An initiative of the literature board supporting emerging forms of writing practice by young writers. Write in Your Face is a program of support to young writers, funded under the Australian Government's Young and Emerging Artists' Initiative. We invite proposals from young writers who are using language in innovative ways. This may involve writing for zines, e-zines, comics, multimedia, multi-artforms or cross-media works, websites, live performance and spoken word.

Selection criteria are:

  • Innovative excellence
  • Potential to advance the artistic expression and development of young writers
  • Evidence the project is well planned and achievable within timeframe and budget.

You may apply for up to $8,000. You must be aged 30 years or under at the time of application to apply. You cannot apply for costs of equipment or other creative components such as music or graphics alone. Proposals must have a literary focus. Collaborative and multimedia projects are encouraged. Proposals involving self-publication of single author titles are not eligible.

Individuals, groups or legally constituted organisations may apply. Groups must nominate a legally constituted organisation or one of their members to act as the administrator for their grant. If you have received money through a previous Write in Your Face grant, you cannot reapply any sooner than one year after the end of your previous grant period.

Closing date: 1 February 2008. Projects for which funding is requested should not commence before 1 June 2008 and must be completed by 30 June 2009. Decisions advised: May 2008.