“Dive into Pool”

Articulate directs us to Pool, "a new social media site developed by Radio National".

Some content that caught my attention include:

Communing with Science Fiction writers

The Tool Kit of a Schlock Romance Writer

Space Comber

Dreamlake (excerpt)

Also note the Letter Vox invitation to "Contribute to ABC Radio National’s Book Show online audio documentary project ‘Letter Vox’. We want you to tell us how you relate to and engage with books and writing sub/culture – as readers, writers and commentators."

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SF in the News

Recent SF related articles on the websites of The Age, Australian and Sydney Morning Herald:

Shirley Barber: Our Fairy Godmother

Dreaming Again Review: Imagination that  deftly defies northern gravity

Children's Book Council Awards: Children's author is on a roll

Nick Harkaway: The future of normal, and On a secret mission

Stephenie Meyer: Blood lust, Vampire's dawn sets readers' pulses racing, and The night of the vampire writer

Lisa Gorton: Mallee-rooted poetry and grounded clouds

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Jeanette Winterson at Sydney Writer's Festival

Nightlife with Tony Delroy hosted a literary event with Jeanette Winterson at the Sydney Writer's Festival. The audio is available for a short time.

Regarding her latest book The Stone Gods, Winterson says on her website, "People say to me, ‘so is the Stone Gods science fiction?’ Well, it is fiction, and it has science in it, and it is set (mostly) in the future, but the labels are meaningless."

[Direct link to mp3]

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