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Overlooked, Underrated, Forgotten 5

The past might be a foreign country, but there are plenty of excellent Spec Fic reads to be found there, and aren’t good reads what we all need in these difficult times? Try these, and tell us what you think.

  • Overlooked: Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut (1963) funny, thoughtful, scary.
  • Underrated: Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon (2002) poignant, touching, powerful.
  • Forgotten: And Disregards the Rest by Paul Voermans (1993) quirky, weird, deep.
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Overlooked, Underrated, Forgotten 4

Here are some more Aurealis reading suggestions, goodies from the past, perfect for pandemic reading – or re-reading. Some of these might take some finding, but they’re well worth it.

  • Overlooked: Wormwood by Terry Dowling (1991). Entertaining, Enthralling, Dowlingesqe.
  • Underrated: Deryni Rising, by Katherine Kurtz (1970). Thoughtful, deliberate, intricate.
  • Forgotten: The Sea and Summer by George Turner (1987). Prescient, incisive, Australian.
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Overlooked, Underrated, Forgotten 3

Imposing Aurealis HQ is in Melbourne, Victoria, and we’re in full-on lockdown now, so quality reading is more important than ever. Here’s our next instalment in trawling the past to bring you books that you may have overlooked, others may have underrated, and we all may have forgotten.

  • Overlooked: The Luck of Brin’s Five, by Cherry Wilder (1977). Rich, detailed, knotty.
  • Underrated: Alamut by Vladimir Bartol, (1938 in Slovenian; 2004 in English). Unsettling, mesmerising, profound
  • Forgotten: Winter’s Tale, by Mark Helprin (1983). Inventive, imaginative thoughtful.