New Ford St supernatural title

Everyone welcome to Ford Street's launch of Foz Meadows's Solace & Grief at the Carlton Library, 667 Rathdowne Street, Carlton on 20 February at 2pm for 2:30pm. Kirstyn McDermott will be launching it!
Bookseller + Publisher says " a clever and funny supernatural romp, with a chilling underside" and "Solace & Grief is solid and a welcome addition to the burgeoning vampire book market". There's more, but come along and read it for yourself!

If you're living in Sydney, you'll be pleased to know that Scott Westerfeld is launching the book at Books Kinokuniya, Sydney,
Level 2, Galeries Victoria
500 George Street
Sydney on Sunday, March 7 at 12:30pm

Thanks to Fantastic Queensland

As editor of Aurealis and on behalf of Chimaera Publications I'd like to publically thank all the people associated with Fantastic Queensland over the last six years for the hard work and effort they have put into organising and developing the Aurealis Awards.

All these volunteers associated with Fantastic Queensland have helped bring the wealth of Australian SF talent to the eyes of more and more local readers.

I've been representing Aurealis and Chimaera Publications at the Awards ceremony for the past four years. Over that time I've come to know how hard the organisers work. I'd like to especially like to thank the following: Lea Greenaway for being the first and friendliest face I met in 2007; Ron Serduik for being such an open, responsive and friendly co-ordinator, his unfailing work has been inclusive and supportive to all those eligible for the awards; Kate Eltham who in her quiet and efficient way has been instrumental in turning the Aurealis Awards into a professional event; and finally Damon Cavalchini is a quiet administrator whose dedication to the Awards whose skills are shown at the event, as the entertainment and delivery of the awards has always proceeded seemlessly.

Chimaera Publications is in detailed negotiations with a party to take over running the Aurealis Awards and hope to make public an announcement soon on the new hosting arrangements.

Stuart Mayne, Editor

Time to gain eligibility to nominate for Hugos ends soon

The nominating period for the Hugo Awards commenced 1 January 2010, and nominations must be received by 13 March 2010. However, in order to be eligible to nominate, you must have purchased a membership of the 2010 World Science Fiction Convention (Aussiecon 4) by 31 January 2010 or have been a member of the 2009 World Science Fiction Convention, Anticipation. For more information visit the aussiecon website.

New SF writers resource

Aurealis slush reader Mark Turner has started up a new website that aims to act as a conduit for all interested in writing and publishing. Writrade Showcase! is a social network for writers, editors, agents, artists, marketers and promoters, reviewers, and of course all readers and fans of writers and the writing industry.

The site has only been up for a week and has already gained a solid membership.

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