Food or Fairies?

From ABC RN's Breakfast Show:The Magic Pudding turns 90

"It is 90 years since renowned artist Norman Lindsay wrote the classic Australian children's book The Magic Pudding. The artist himself called the book a 'little bundle of piffle' and wrote it only to win a bet: whether children preferred stories about fairies or about food."

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Aurealis editor at the Sydney Writers Festival

Speculative and fantasy fiction continues to grow in popularity with readers of all ages. How do writers create engaging and believable worlds? How do characters contribute to world-building and what cultural influences are at play?

This is what the focus will be at the Sydney Writers Festival event in Blacktown City on Tuesday, May 20 from 6.30pm.

The Sydney Writers Festival is in its 11th year and will see many of the world's greatest writers and thinkers converge in Sydney at the many events and activities taking place – including Blacktown City.